My name is Gerome Cabrera and this is my story.  It is not a war hero story nor is it a story of rags to riches.  This is a true story about my quest in seeking the “American Dream.” With a few exceptions, locations, names, and dates are accurate.  The rest is derived from memory. 

I am Brooklyn born, Miami nurtured, Queens raised, and Dominican cultured.  I am public schooled and non-Ivy League graduated.  I come from humble beginnings with no rich parent nor trust funds.  Disregarding this very ordinary upbringing, I have obtained some of the best jobs on Wall Street. 

If you are reading this, then you and I are alike – we grew up poor, we are minorities, and we have found creative ways to use our limited resources on hand to our benefit.  My story will consist of several parts.  Each part will shine light on specific events in my life that has shaped me to who I am today.  I want to tell you how I overcame the challenges stemmed from growing up in a poor Hispanic household.  

This will, hopefully, convince you that if someone with my background and upbringing can land some of the most sought out jobs on Wall Street, then so can you.  After I have told my story, I then want to share my experience in landing careers in some of the top companies in the world. 

The subsequent posts will contain tips, tricks, and the lowdown about interviewing, networking, job applications, career advancement, and many other commonly discussed topics about careers.